Fat Friday

It seems cliched to start the new year with a post about weight loss but I’m entering 2015 the heaviest I’ve ever been. I know I’ve said it here before a number of times, but something needs to happen. I hate having pants and shirts that don’t fit and I really don’t like wheezing and losing breath when I bend over to tie my shoes. Im also suffering more with heartburn and acid reflux and low energy and all of the stuff that comes with getting older and treating your body like crap. My first step, as always, is to start tracking my calories again with the MyFitnessApp on my iPhone (now with added step tracker) and get my eating under control. I’m starting with eating smaller portions and less crap, and will work at adding more healthy options to my diet. I’ve tried this a bunch of times before with minimal success, but I need to keep trying until it sticks.

The harder part of the equation to calculate is the exercise portion. When it’s warmer out I can go for more walks which I enjoy. But in the cold, that’s less of an option. I also want to lift weights once in a while, but I think that might be a down the road thing. For now, I’ve set up an old treadmill in the basement with an old TV and DVD player, but I haven’t been able to drag myself down there. It’s too depressing. I’ve also thought about listening to audio books while I walk to help spur my interest. Again, whatever option I choose, I need to choose something. I don’t need to lose a ton of weight, but it’s as much a matter of changing what I eat as it is changing how much I eat.