Explicit Content

I had one blog post in mind this morning, but I spent the rest of the day working on my short story. I went back and forth with the content and a couple of readers offered their valuable suggestions. When I started the story I envisioned it as a nasty little piece of Las Vegas noir with a twisted premise (man goes to Vegas to dump kid after wife dies) and ple nty of sex, violence, and swearing. But as I thought about it and worked it out I realized there was more going on thematically and it had the potential to be one of my best stories.

When it was finished, I sent it to one friend who had been reading it as I was writing it and she thought I should send it to Ellery Queen for their Black Mask section. I thought maybe that was agood idea, I like the idea of being published in one of the major crime magazines and the money seemed nice. But as I read through the story, and read through the comments from another friend who had a story in EQ/BM I realized that to clean it up enough for EQ I would kill the spirit I had when I was writing it and I wasn’t willing to do it. So I put back in all of the swearing and car sex and felt much better about the story and sent it off to PLOTS WITH GUNS.

This doesn’t mean I’ve given up on EQ or AH. I have the first 2k written of a caper story about a computer repo guy that I think would be a good fit for either place. To inspire me, I found a couple of Dave Zeltserman’s stories from AH and EQ that he’s giving away for free at his website. I’m also in the process of hunting down Joe Gores’s short story collection of DKA Associates caper stories.

Then I have a flash story to write for Patti Abbott’s challenge and a superhero vigilante story I want to write. After that I suspect I’ll begin a new novel. But it feels good to have short stuff in the pipeline again.