Exhaust(ed) Fan

I’m in the same foul mood I was right around this time a couple weeks ago when the Lions were playing Philadelphia. The Lions are down 27-3 with 3:06 left and it doesn’t look like they’ll be able to pull it out for the win (or even the freaking touchdown). This is my first season as a real dedicated sports fan and I haven’t managed to get the balance of exhilaration and frustration down. It doesn’t help that I’m a natural optimist and the Lions are excellent at exploiting optimists. I don’t think they’re completely a loss for the season, they still look mostly different from the Lions of old, but they’ve got to start winning these big games and stop pissing off fans like me. But mostly I have to learn how to be a Lions fan without getting jaded or have my heart ripped out too many times. Who would have known that sports would treat me the same way as women.