Everyone Knows This Is McFetridge

Let’s talk about someone other than me today.

No. Really.

My Do Some Damage buddy John McFetridge has a new book out today and I’d like to help spread the word. I actually “met” John a couple of different times. The first was the way I find a lot of my favorite authors for the first time: a random Google search. I typed in “The next Elmore Leonard” and found a link to his first book DIRTY SWEET. It sounded interesting but it was Canadian and that seemed odd to me so I asked Sarah Weinman what she knew about it and she highly recommended it. It was great.

Shortly after that I got a short story submission from John at DEMOLITION that was just awesome called GROW HOUSE. It was a companion piece to his second book EVERYONE KNOWS THIS IS NOWWHERE. I was lucky enough to have John’s new editor Stacia Decker at his new publisher Harcourt send me a review copy. I thought it was even better than DIRTY SWEET.

Cut to Bouchercon a couple of years ago in Baltimore and I ended up at dinner with several people as you tend to do at those things, and two of the people were John and Stacia. Both were pleasant and enjoyable company. Now they’ve moved on to different things. Stacia is an agent with Donald Maass and John has moved to St. Martin’s Press. Sadly I don’t have the clout I once did and haven’t received an early copy of this books so I’m going to have to purchase it today, but the man’s got to get paid, right? So why don’t you go out and buy it too?