End Games Part 100,000,000,000,000,000

I’m in the middle of Sue Grafton’s latest novel, T IS FOR TRESPASS, and I’m loving it. For some reason I got out of reading Grafton for a while, but I forgot how great she is at wallowing in the mundane details and minutia of the daily life of a PI while still maintaining great suspense and pacing. It’s something I’m very jealous of right now.

Once again I’m struggling with the book I’m working on. I thought I had everything in order to bring it to a close, but then things started falling apart again. I’ve been tempted to abandon the whole thing and start on something completely different, unrelated to the crime field, but that seems like a waste. I’ve got 63,000 words and plenty of potential if I can figure out how to whack this thing into shape. What it comes down to is the endgame. I’ve managed to solve many of the errors that were derailing the conclusion, but I’ve never really solidified what it is that everyone is working toward, what the climatic event of the story is. I think that’s what I need to work on the most and I thought a few things would work that didn’t so try, try, try again…and again…and again…and again

Much of this seems futile, because I wonder if I’ll ever be able overcome these problems. I got an email back from Poisoned Pen Press rejecting my last book after just the initial round. LUNCHBOX HERO made it to the second to last round before they passed on it and I was sure THE SCARS WE CARRY was a better book, but it’s been soundly rejected almost immediately by everyone who set eyes on it. This new book seems like it could be the best book I’ve written so far, but apparently that doesn’t mean much if I still have the same fatal errors.