Employee of the Month

Today is my first official day at my job. Only about a month after my 90 days as a contractor were complete I finally have an unmarked ID badge, benefit info, and have been cleansed of the contractor stench. I’ve also made reservation for the company Christmas party. Of course now I also have to go through the 90 day probationary period again, but I just think of my contractor days as a three month learning curve.

At the ripe old age of 30, this is only the second full-time, non-contractor, career position in my life. The first was my ill-fated journalism career nearly four years ago. In addition to the great pay (almost 2x what I was making in newspapers) I’ve got great benefits and almost a month worth of vacation time for globe hopping and conference hopping. It also uses an entirely different side of my brain than writing so at the end of a 9 hour day I’m not too exhausted to write. In fact, I finished my last manuscript during my tenure at this job.

This is also the first time I’ve actually contemplated my long-term future in any one job. At the newspaper I was always looking forward to what my next newspaper would be and at the rest of my jobs I was always counting my days until I could quit and move on to the next random job or school session.

It feels good to finally be an adult…sort of. As far as long-term writing prospects go, this job has some nice things goign for it. The flexibility of the vacation time would allow me to tour for the first few books while still holding down the job, but there is also the option of going part-time when I start to make a name for myself but I still want a bit of a safety net.

In goatee news, we’re finally starting to see some real full fledged growth that has been confirmed as cool by a party that is not dating me. As soon as I can get these side edges around my lips to grow in I should be able to start looking at trimming and sculpting options. Eventually I may even have enough to photograph without trick lighting.