Domain Event

I’ve owned the bryonquertermous.com domain on and off since around 2005 and never really did much with it. I pointed it to my crappy web page on my university server a few times and I pointed it at my Blogger blog for a while as well. One thing I never did though was set up email through it. I’m not sure why, as this seems to be one of the biggest reasons people secure their own domain names, but I never did. Until now.

bryon@bryonquertermous.com is live and will be my official email address going forward. Friends and (some) family obviously will still have my personal email address, and I’ll still have one email address I use just to sign up for newsletters and coupons with, but as I embark on my new professional editing gig (and hopefully some professional writing gigs in the near future) I think it’s important to have a home base email address.

I’m still determining what I’m going to do with the actual name though. Right now it’s just pointing to this blog under a domain mask but I think I want to do something more permanent with it. I briefly considered going full-on self-hosted, but I’ve been very happy with WordPress.com as a blog host and don’t think I get enough traffic to make the irritation and cost worth it. What I’ll probably do is pay the $13 a year to upgrade to domain mapping through Word Press to more fully integrate the domain into this site without starting over from scratch which will be better for search engines and better aesthetically I think.

I’m open to your thoughts on the matter if you have any good ideas for where to go with this but for right now why don’t you give the new email address and domain name a spin and see where it leads you.