Does not play well with others

I truly detest group work. Group school work that is. I’ve worked in groups many times in my brief forays into the professional world and they were all fine experiences because everybody was around the same skill level. In group school work everyone but me is lazy or retarded. And that says a lot because I consider myself pretty lazy and retarded.

So today I go to my musical theatre class and we get assigned to our groups for our research presentation. It wasn;t long before my dreams were crushed as all of the good people, including The Cute Brunette and The British Guy, were put into one group. A group that I wasn’t. The group I was assigned to was the “special group.” If this was elementary school we’d all be given circular paper, dull safety scissors, and non-toxic paste. Of the four of us, one guy is tone-deaf, one guy is really deaf, and the girl is, well the girl isn’t bad. While the good group got Stephen Sondheim as their research subject, and the other groups got Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Leiber and Stoller, and Jule Styne. We, the special people, got Rodgers and Hart. Yup, that’s Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein, but pre-Hammerstein. The titles of the shows the duo put on aren’t very memorable but the songs like “Babes in Arms,” “Blue Moon,” and “My Funny Valentine” are part of the musical cannon.

Now we just have to find an “entertaining, creative, and sophisticated” way of presenting everything we can possible learn about these two. In a month. I hate group work.

I always end up taking charge and doing the bulk of the work because I don’t trust anybody else to do it right. I don’t like my grade depending on someone else, especially someone I don’t trust and don’t feel confident in. They tell us this is all a strategy to teach us all team work and all that BS but it’s really because the professor would rather grade 5 presentations than 25. I really, really hate group work.

And since when is teamwork such a valuable commodity. The corporate world is a pretty cutthroat place and you live or die on your own merits. But that’s beside the point. I just REALLY hate group work.

You’ll hear more about this later…