Disillusioned by the Cult of Mac

Between Apple pulling the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and pulling the MagSafe plug and all my other fav ports on the new MacBook as well at not being able to go anywhere without running into a sea of identical silver MacBooks, the contrarian in me is itching to pull out of the whole ecosystem.

My Macbook Air is only 3 years old and I like to keep these things forever and run them into the ground (I had my previous two laptops for 8 years each), so I don’t expect to get rid of it for a while.  I love everything about my Macbook except Word for Mac and the fact that every stupid 20 year old everywhere has one. I’m just a contrarian by nature.

I’m hoping if I don’t have an iPhone on top of it all I won’t feel so brainwashed. I do like my iPhone, but if I upgrade to the 7 I’m going to need a crap ton of adapters.

Update: It turns out a $450 gift card from Best Buy is a great way to help me make up my mind to get off the iPhone train and go with the Samsung Galaxy s8. Bought the kids Chromebooks for Christmas with the gift card. Shhhhhh, don’t tell them.