Dinosaurs and Picnic Lunches



The kids are on Spring Break this week and we had already pre-paid for Holly to go to day care today so it was just Spenser and I at home. Well, Becky is home all of the time while she’s off of work for the vomits, but we don’t count her. Anyway, because Spenser is in school five days a week, Holly and I usually get to do fun stuff while Spenser gets left out. So today was Spenser’s turn.

Over lunch we went into Ann Arbor and had a picnic in the park then took a tour of the dinosaur exhibits at the University of Michigan Natural History Museum. He loved it. He loves dinosaurs so that wasn’t really a surprise . It was also fun to spend some time just with him. I didn’t realize until today how long it’s been since he and I spent any significant time together. With another kid on the way it’s going to be up to me to make sure all of the kids get some individual time with both Becky and I.