Deep Breaths, Long Games, And Trying Not To Be Desperate

I had a bit of a panic attack last week on Wednesday. It was the day after the official publication day for Murder Boy and the rush of excitement from that first day had worn off and I realized I had absolutely no idea how to get people to buy copies of my book. I was paralyzed by the duality of wanting to do something, anything I could, and realizing there was nothing I could do to guarantee sales. I eventually calmed myself down, read a few pieces on this subject from folks far smarter than I am, and realized all I can really do is talk about the book when the opportunity presents itself, let folks know where they can buy it, and then work really hard to write another book that is even better than the first one.

But in that moment, I had a moment of sympathy and understanding for everyone I’ve mocked based on desperate sales tactics. I was so close to doing some horribly crass things I would have immediately regretted, but that sense of helplessness is substantial and I suspect I’ll deal with it several more times along this publishing journey. So I ask that everyone has patience with me. I’ll try to keep the right balance, but if I get out of line please let me know (kindly and on the DL preferably) and maybe let’s have a little more empathy with the other authors who come off like flaming twits but are really just trying to sell enough books for their kids to be proud of them.