Today is my last day at the day job and it doesn’t feel as monumental as I expected. I think part of that is I’ve been transitioning out of this job for over a month now so I’m ready to go. But I also think the fact that I’m so busy with editing and writing work makes it less of an abrupt transition. I’ve been essentially working two full-time jobs for the last few months so I’m just dropping one full time job. I’m sure next week when I don’t have to go to an office at all it will hit me more. I had a dry run of that on Monday when I was at home all day editing, but we’ll see how it works every day now.

Today is also the last day for the kids at their day care. We’ve been very happy with this place and I think the kids are a little sad to say goodbye to their friends. But after a week home with me, Spenser starts kindergarten on September 3 and that really has hit me. I can’t believe that time is here already. I feel so very, very old.

To make myself feel younger, and to celebrate the new freedom of my stay-at-home work life, I bought myself some Batman Chuck Taylors. I love them so very much and they seem to be more comfortable than the low-top ones I had previously. I bought Spenser a matching pair for his birthday and Holly got a purple pair.