Day Two: Still Here. Yay.

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed bag. My productivity sucked, the kids were awful and I spent most of the day yelling at them and putting them in their rooms, and I spent too much time on Facebook arguing a point that made me sound old and crotchety. But I did get a payment for editing work in PayPal, a referral email from someone who wants to work with me, and an email back from a client who totally got what I was trying to do with my notes to her.

Today has been a bit better. I got a great email from a publishing friend regarding that Facebook argument yesterday, I got another check for editing services, and the kids are gone most of the day with grandma. I also got to have lunch with my wife which is always a bonus. My productivity still isn’t nearly what it needs to be, but I’m still trying to find the right schedule and I’m sure that will eventually work itself out.

And there’s always tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better. I think I’m going to do a video tour of my writing space tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever done a video for the site here. Would you like that?