Dates, Ruts, And Adventurous Eating

Becky and I have been lucky our entire time together to enjoy each other’s company and have a nice dating life. We’re blessed with parents who are okay taking the kids once in a while overnight or on the fly so we can do fun stuff together. Now that Natalie is getting a little older, I’m really hoping we can do more traveling together. But for now, we make sure to focus  on our dating life though we’ve been falling into the trap of quantity over quality. We had a run of a couple funky dates because we pushed the chain restaurant/movie date too far. So when we decided it was time for another fancy date night, I wanted to do something different.

The Holly Hotel is a fancy Victorian building in the old village part of Holly, a ruralish area about 20 minutes south of Flint. They have a fine dining restaurant and a basement comedy club. A quick look at the menu showed us this was going to be more adventurous than most outings because the menu tended to change frequently and you were at the mercy of the chef most of the time. But feeling adventurous, we dove in. The atmosphere was indeed excellent, nicely quaint and historical enough to trigger my imagination a hundred different ways. When it came time to order though, I did something uncharacteristic for me, I picked the most adventurous option. It was an 8 course chef’s selection meal when I wouldn’t know what the next course was until it was brought out to me. I’m usually a pretty picky eater but as a writer looking for the next interesting thing to inspire me and as a person who doesn’t want to die early from eating crappy food too much, I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort area more.

And for the most part I was rewarded for the effort. There was nothing that completely grossed me out and everything was amazingly fresh which contributed to some intense and delightful flavors. The only thing that really disappointed me was the entree course, a tiny little quail that I didn’t care for, but by that point I was so full, and the side dishes were so good, that it didn’t matter. The dinner took so long to serve that we ran a bit late to the comedy show and they served the last two courses, a cheese course and desert course, down there. The comedians were funny in a solid pro, but nothing original kind of way and the first pushed really heavy on weight jokes and the second relied a lot on relationship/ men v women jokes.

Becky got the duck. She did not care for it.