Date Nuts

It dawned on me the other day what a weird and unnatural process dating is. I’ve been spending quite a bit of time lately with this new girl and there are certainly moments of new discovery and the excitement of unexplored dating territory, but there are other moments that I find just odd. Like watching TV with a person on the couch and feeling like you’ve known the person your entire life but then realizing you have milk in your fridge older than the relationship. Spending a compressed amount of time with a person in the sorts of scenerios dating involves breeds a false sense of intimacy which can be dangerous if not kept in check.

I think one of the reasons relationships fail in the early stages in because that false intimacy plays tricks on people. They get too comfortable around each other and let their guard down. They stop trying to be special or trying to impress the other person. and while that’s all and good months or years down the line, I think there needs to be a sense of mystery and magic at the early stages (and certainly even the later stages) of a relationship. Now I’m not advocating any sort of relationship BS games, I absolutely detest that kind of thing, but I just think it’s good to be aware of what’s going on and keep the timeline in check for any given relationship.

This is also why its good to have outisde friends. I tend to be the awful sort of person who drops out of site and spends too much time with the new girl instead of the old friends, but I think old friends are a neccessity to make sure a relationship doesn’t go too fast or too far.

Wow, maybe I need to think less about this stuff sometimes…