Daddies, Daughters ,and So, So Much Glitter

Holly and I went to the Butterfly Ball over the weekend and had a blast. I’d been meaning to take her for a few years, but it wasn’t until last year that I got my act together in time to actually go. This year was even better than last because Holly knew what to expect and had been looking forward to it.

We started with lunch at her favorite restaurant and during lunch realized her shoes were too small (this seems to be standard for her these days after being on the smaller side for so long she’s now growing ridiculously fast) and went out to get her a new pair. She found a pair of sparkly silver ballet flats she liked and we were off. The glitter all over my hands and coat from the shoes would be the first of many, many glittery moments throughout the day.

After lunch and shoe shopping we showed up at the community center and checked our coats. I gave her the wrist corsage Becky bought and hey, wouldn’t you know, it came in a box stuffed with glittery Easter grass. Once inside the gym, I was an awful person and looked around to see which dads seemed to be enjoying themselves and which seemed like they had been dragged there. But everyone was enjoying themselves and we got in line for face painting, the part Holly had been talking about for MONTHS. I tried to make jokes with her while she was getting it done and got this very teenager-like glare I suppose I should start getting used to.

We then danced a bit (she’s just as uncomfortable on a dance floor as I am) and then got some punch and cookies and then waited under the balloons hanging above the dance floor in anticipation of the balloon drop, the other thing she’s been talking about for months. She got one of each color she wanted except the dark purple.

The music mix was a healthy dose of Taylor Swift and the Frozen soundtrack with some traditional wedding DJ songs mixed in. There was also the occasional sappy song thrown in to make us dads cry. Stupid DJ. It reminded me of a time when Holly was probably a little bit younger than Natalie and she was dressed in a puffy purple lace dress and we were at a relatives wedding. I was holding her dancing around with her knowing that age and size and hugginess wouldn’t last long. And now here we are with her at 6 going on 13. It’s sad and wonderful and exhausting all at once. In a couple of years it will be fun for Natalie to come with us as well.