Coping With Sanity’s Greatest Hits of 2013

Normally I do a nice long reflection around this time of year about my life and my goals and all of the other introspective crap, and I still will do that likely tomorrow, but for the first year I thought it would be fun to have a look back at the top ten most popular posts here in 2013. Here they are in order of popularity:

Lovely Dog To Good Home
Online Zines, Best American Mystery Stories, and the Future of Short Crime Fiction
An Open Letter Of Appreciation To Kelly Braffet (and brief review of SAVE YOURSELF)
The Coping With Sanity Interview: Anthony Neil Smith
I Owe You All A Bouchercon Recap, Don’t I? Part 2
A Frustrating Reminder That I Can’t Always Be Completely Open Here
I Owe You All a Bouchercon Recap, Don’t I? Part I
A Bit About Why I have Two Wedding Anniversaries
Why I Think Man of Steel is the Most Realistic Portrayal of Superman So Far
Why My Expiring Passport Makes Me Sad About My Writing Career

What I find interesting is that there is no real common theme. Aside from the post about possibly getting rid of our dog, which got a ton of hits because this is the Internet and the Internet LOVES a sappy pet post, all of the other posts had roughly the same traffic numbers. We have some reviews, some personal posts, some industry posts, and an interview. I think what this means is that I have a steady audience who reads most everything I write here and unless I write about my pets more often, my numbers are likely to remain the same rather than fluctuating wildly depending on the topic, which I am perfectly fine with.

One other thing I did notice is that, for the most part, the posts that were just pictures of my kids didn’t rank very high on the traffic numbers. This likely means I have failed in my goal to convert family and childhood friends to reading this blog for updates rather than relying on Facebook and that I’ll be dependent on that awful site for at least a portion of my online interactions in 2014.

Here’s to a great 2014 of blogging or whatever else we decide to call it in 2014 because I really hate that word so very much.