Coping with Parenting: Sleeping in Hotels

Missed yesterday, I know. But it was a long day at Kings Island and I had better things to do with my family, right? I know you appreciate that. So right now it’s almost 7am and I’m typing this from the pullout couch in our hotel room while Spenser sleeps in the King size bed. Holly and Becky are down having breakfast. So far the sleeping has been good. It’s always my big fear when traveling that the kids will have a meltdown and scream and nobody will sleep and everybody will be miserable. It looked like that might happen on Thursday night, but everything fell into place and they finally crashed right around their normal time. With tomorrow being Becky’s marathon it’s important that all goes right tonight sleeping-wise. We’re probably going to rent a movie to watch and take showers before bed and keep to as much of the home routine as possible to get them to bed on time. We’ll see if it works.

More tomorrow. Maybe