Come With Me Once Again to the Thrilling Days of Yesteryear (2004-2007)

Back several months ago I was thinking about things I could put up on Amazon to chase some of that gooey Kindle cash. I almost immediately decided my novels had no business leaving my computer, but several of the short stories were good and I did some things with them though they still haven’t sold the requisite $10 worth to get any kind of a check yet. The writing that I thought had the most potential was my blog posts from when I started in 2004 to about the end of 2007 when things started collapsing around here.

Those early posts are the story of a young man moving from his parents house out on his own, struggling to find himself as a writer and as a person, and my various adventures in dating. These are the posts that defined my identity to my earliest online friends and fans. They established my interests in fashion, chick flicks, low art, teeny bopper music, and my conflicted emotions about CHINATOWN. I still think I’d like to collect them into a book under the title of that first blog COPING WITH SANITY. But more importantly, I’ve been wondering why the blog fell apart and how I can regain some of that magic.

I’ve got kids who do funny things, a dog and a cat in an unholy and hilarious marriage, a wife adept at the art of the non-sequitur, a house I detest that I’m convinced is trying to kill me, and a grill that gives me balance. I read books, try to drink wine, go to restaurants, watch movies, watch television, go to the mall, and go watch sports. And I have opinions and observations on all of this that has nothing to do with writing. And that’s where I think the blog went wrong. It became almost entirely focused on the writing part of me, and as the rest of my life got more complicated (and interesting) the writing part got exhausted, frustrated, tired, and burned out. And so did the blog.

So now I think it’s time to get back to my roots and write about the Bryon away from the laptop. The Bryon who has developed a sudden and wholly unexplained interest in baseball. The Bryon who wants to drink cheap red wine instead of beer because writers I admire do it. The Bryon who saw The A-team AND Sex and the City and enjoyed them both. The Bryon who just got a BlackBerry instead of an iPhone and what that means about me. And the Bryon who once really, really, really liked to blog. I’m not saying the writing bits won’t crop up like the occasional herpes outbreak, but there won’t be many and they’ll likely be framed in a non-writing context. And, of course, if something good happens with it I’ll let you know.

I hope you all stick around, and more importantly I hope to pick up some of you again who dropped out after too many whiny, depressive posts about my lack of plotting skill or my desperate attempts to sell myself out commercially. But even if you don’t , I’m doing this for me. I want to be able to look back at these posts and get a whole picture of my life at this moment, not just a glimpse of my dark side.