Cold? Check. Rainy? Check. Leaves on the Ground? Check. Must Be November

It really feels like November today and I love it. The fresh start of fall. October kind of sucked some I’m looking forward to a new month. I’ve got some new things in the works, some cool projects on the horizon, and other assorted stuff I can’t talk about yet. We had fun with the kids for Halloween yesterday even though it was cold and rainy. They’re at the perfect age for it and I’m sure we only have a few more of these greats years so I want to make the effort to enjoy it.

Maybe I’ve been trained too much by the corporate shopping complex, but the day after Halloween puts me in the mood for Christmas music and peppermint everything instead of pumpkin everything. It gets me really in the mood for Thanksgiving which is my favorite holiday of them all. It’s all the good stuff of Christmas without the crushing depression that comes afterward.

Anyway, more later as I clear the snot from head and get back on track. I’ve got to go find the good Dayquil.