Cin City

I saw “The Devil Wears Prada.” It was fabulous. I liked it more than “Superman” and I’m not ashamed to admit it. The best thing about the movie was that it took the book as mere inspiration and then added multiple layers to the characters making them more complex and more human.

The tone of the original novel was very whiny and ungrateful and holier-than-thou. The Miranda Priestly character was nothing more than a cardboard villian for the MC to spare with and go off on tagents about how much more serious she is than the world of fashion. The movie does away with all of this and actually tries to show the vital role fashion plays in the art world. Great stuff.

I also rented “Hoodwinked” on DVD. The movie takes the Little Red Riding Hood story and imagines it as a crime story and while it was entertaining and enjoyable it lacked the sharp wit and charm of some of the better Pixar and Dreamworks flicks. That is except for the wolf’s story line.

The Wolf, voiced by Patrick Warburton (of Seinfeld Puddy fame) is a muckracking reporter on trying to get the real story on Granny and Red. His character is modeled on Chevy Chase’s Fletch right down to the Lakers jersey and blue sweatshirt he wears. As his story progresses it is accompianied by the same 80s synth music as in the movie and he uses some cooky aliases like Rick Shaw (Just in from Japan) ala Fletch.

By far, this was the best partt of the movie and it got me thinking about the upcoming proposed Fletch movie written and directed by Kevin Smith. I was remarking to Dave the other day that Smith was probably my favorite writer and I’d love to see him do a PI story sometime. Dave said that’s pretty much what his Fletch movie would be and that makes me happy. I hope it happens.