Chicken and Gamblers

Not since Nolan Ryan has an old man lit up the plate like Kenny Rogers did last night for the Tigers. I feel a bit bad that I haven’t trumpeted the Tigs’ World Series appearance like some of my other friends from DTown but this is not a blog that discusses sports with any sort of regularity so I thought it might be odd to talk about it, but now Detroit is center stage and they’re going to rock the series. So in the last five years every major sports team from Detroit has been in or won their world championship except the Lions. But I think the Tigers’s success bodes well for any other beleaguered team. Just last year the Tigers were one of the worst in major league history. At Tigers’s game fans would often shout “Go Redwings.” So the Lions still have a chance for Superbowl success next year. Or not.

In other news, riding rollercoasters in the cold and wind of fall is fun. Getting to them, however, blows hardcore. I went with a new lady friend yesterday to Cedar Point’s Halloweekend celebration and while the rain held off, the frigid wind was in full force. Walking to our first ride was painful and miserable. But after riding the millennium Force (325 feet in the air, 100+ miles per hour) the wind on the ground didn’t feel all that bad. The pain of getting from ride to ride though was paled in comparison by the horribly convoluted ride home. Deciding to take Ohio route 2 instead of the tollway to save a few bucks, the trip was marred by some of the most convoluted and poorly marked detours in highway history.