Checks and Twits

I had another one of those cool once in a lifetime writing moments last week. I finally received my first check from a publisher for my story in the PRISONER OF MEMORY anthology. I’ve received checks so far for my writing, but they’ve always been drawn on the personal accounts of the editors. This was the first from an actual publisher. Sweet. The other cool thing about this check is that it put me over the amount required to join Mystery Writers of America as an Active Member. I don’t know if I will join, but I like knowing that I have made enough money from my writing to qualify as a member of a professional society.

This all caps a great year writing-wise for me, but of course I still have further goals. Aside from the obvious one of a book deal, I’d like to progress more in my short fiction. I still want to have an original story in an anthology (so far all of my anthology stories have been reprints) and I want to have a story in either Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine or Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine. I have a story under consideration for one anthology and I’ve got two short ideas I’m working on that I think are mainstream enough for EQ or AH. This is all of course for after I finish the first draft of the novel I’m working on.

Also over the weekend, I was looking for ways to blog with my cell phone to limit the wasted writing time on the computer and came across a lovely little site called Twitter. This is kind of like a widespread version of the status feature on Facebook which I love so much. So I set up an account and figured out how to update it with my cell phone and promptly set about divulging TMI. I also figured out how to post my Twitter updates to the site here in that lovely little widget on the sidebar over there. So check me out at http://www.twitter.com/bryonq and follow me.