Ch Ch Changes

Everything changes after this week.

Friday is my last day on this cushy M-F 9-6 shift at work and Saturday I move out of my parents’ cushy house and on my own. Again. But this time I have money in the bank. And a job that will provide more money in the future. And common sense. Well, at least I have money in the bank.

The work thing has me a little nervous though. Our class of 17 people will be thrown on the 5p-2a shift for three weeks while they sort out what our permanent schedules will be. Everybody in the center bids on their shifts and we’re at the very bottom so I’m not holding any fantasies about how crappy my shift will be. I’m hoping to either get Sundays off or at least have a shift that ends by 7 or 8 at night. But it’s out of my hands and I just have to pray and have faith I’ll be placed on the shift that’s best for me at this time. I can always rebid when my 90 days is up.

Ann Arbor I’m less nervous about. Though I have been thinking a lot about Toledo lately as we approach the time of year we started dating and in the city I’m newly returning to. I’m trying not to do anything stupid that will turn her away from me, but man, I’ve had some doozy ideas. Fear not though, I’m vigorously pursuing my other dating options even though my heart isn’t completely in it.

Oh yeah. The books not done yet either. Stupid novel.