Celebration Scotch During The Mourning Phase

The celebratory bottle of Johnny Walker Blue I got for Christmas this year after taking on the Exhibit A job, has now become my go-to spirit for tasks associated with moving on from the loss of that job and reinvigorating my freelance career. Tonight, that means sipping it while putting together an Ikea bookshelf to put next to my desk.

Well, actually I’m sipping it while taking off the books from the old shelf I broke and disassembling that shelf because I just don’t have the motivation to put together the new shelf tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow when I also go out and buy a copy of Writer’s Market for the first time in ten years and sip some more expensive scotch while I browse through it and figure out how to add some writing gigs to my editing work.

And how’s your evening?

Update: Dave White so kindly pointed out that I got a book deal this year, the culmination of my life-long dream, so I have every reason to be drinking this scotch in a celebratory manner for as long as it lasts. Every once in a while that Dave is good for something.