Caught in the cross-blog

I’m going to try an experiment. And hopefully we won’t lose nearly as many small animals and hair products as last time. I’ve been trying to figure out how to best play around in Crimespace without committing to another e-void. I’ve never really seen the purpose of forums like that because most of the topics discussed are also discussed on most of the blogs. But as I was glancing through the list of members, I realized there was a huge section of writers and readers I didn’t know and probably don’t know who I am.

So in an effort to draw traffic to this blog, which I consider my main internet presence, I’m going to start cross-posting between the two sites. But I’m not going to just cut and paste my post from this site and drop it over there because I have no way to track reader stats or somments or anything like I do over here. Instead, I’m going to post the first paragraph or so and then have a link to the rest of the post on this here site. It may sound kind of like a pain in the seat right now, but I think it will work. So if you end up over here from Crimespace, or vice versa, drop me a line and let me know.

Otherwise, how will we ever cure baldness?