Cash Bash

Financial freedom


That pile there is all of our credit cards cut into pieces because as of today this family is cash only. We have our budget and our envelopes on the fridge and today we start the fight for financial freedom. We were really good for a while and then having two kids back-to-back screwed us over along with our laziness and poor planning. But with Child the Third’s impending arrival and neither of us getting any younger, we decided now was the time to get this shit under control for good.

It’s like a credit vasectomy. And it feels good. Snip. Snip.

Of course we have to actually pay off the balances that are on those cards to be truly free, but we have a plan. It’s on a steno pad and everything. So wish us good luck and don’t feel bad when we only give you handmade presents or bathtub wine. It’s best for everyone this way.