Cars and Books

I should be on my way to work right now. Instead, I’m here waiting for someone to come give me a jump start for my stupid car (yes, the same car that died on me a couple years ago on the way to Milwaukee). Have I mentioned how much I hate cars and how much I wish I could live somewhere with excellent public transportation? Grumble grumble swear swear.

If things work out with my car though, and I do get to work today, I plan on starting my third book. Yes, I know I technically started my third book a while ago during the failed contest with Dave but that doesn’t count and this book will have the same title (Murder Boy) but will be more of an Elmore Leonard type crime thriller and not a PI novel like I was trying to do during the contest.

I’m glad to be past the weird funk where I couldn’t figure out what to write. I completed a decent short story and know what book project I want to work on next. While I’d still like to make my debut with a PI novel, I also realize that might not be possible so I want to have something else waiting in the wings. If I do get off the ground with a PI career, this book might make a nice standalone further down the road.

As a bit of novelistic encouragement tonight, I will be hitting Aunt Agatha’s book store later this evening to visit with Michael Koryta and the PJs Parrish who will be signing their new books. Of course that’s only if my car gets back up and running…