Car and Driver

After 11 years and 106,000 or so miles, we traded away Becky’s 2008 Impala. We got it just a few days before Spenser was born because Becky’s two door yellow sports car was not going to be a great family vehicle and I only had a slightly larger Chevy Cobalt. We brought Spenser, Holly, and Natalie all home from the hospital in this car as well as transporting Ruby back home from the vet after he died so we could bury him. We drove to Baltimore, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago, and Cleveland among other shorter day trips without trouble for the most part. Things had been started to go wrong with it though on a regular basis last year and the potential repairs just got to be too much–as well as the fact that the kids were all getting older and bigger and taking up more space–so we decided the time was right to trade it in for something bigger.

Neither of us ever really saw ourselves as minivan people until we went to Florida one year year when Spenser was a baby and the only thing they had for us was a Chrysler Town and Country. We fell immediately in love with it and knew our next car would be a minivan. I honestly expected that to be sooner than it was. My history with Chevys has not been great (the previously mentioned Chevy Cobalt had been traded in years ago for a Ford Fusion I hope to drive for at least another decade) and I expected it to fall apart years ago. But it hung in there long enough to let us get our finances in order and enjoy a few years with no car payments, so for that I am grateful. We’ve already ferried the kids and friends around, picked up a couple of loads of groceries from Sam’s Club, and used the Stow ‘N Go seating to make room for a large ottoman we bought from Target. I even briefly flirted with the idea of putting all of the seats down to see if it could haul a couch, but we decided against the couch for the time being.

I look forward to at least a decade with this beast (it’s already five years old with 77k miles on it, so my standards are a bit lower) and can’t wait to see what adventures it takes us on.

UPDATE (9/6/19): The check engine light has already come on. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of bad things to come…

FURTHER UPDATE: The light came on because I didn’t tighten the gas cap enough. Oops.