Calgon, take me away

So I’m watching the Oscars from my hotel room in Canada, and it dawns on me that I’m supposed to be doing a live blogcast for Ed during the show. My internet access had been sketchy up to that point due to only being on a wired account instead of the wireless that was advertised, so I’d mostly contented myself to just check email a couple of times a day. It turned out to be the most relaxing part of my whole trip.

While I like to travel, I’ve never been the real touristy sort. I like to relax when I travel and sleep in and lounge around the hotel room and walk around the town willy nilly. There’s nothing worse than having an entire day of planned itinerary activities to wear me out and suck the joy out of traveling.

This trip was no different. I slept in late, enjoyed hotel room television, ate at hotel buffets and walked around a lot. I didn’t bring back any souvenirs, I didn’t conquer any tourist milestones, I mostly just contented myself to be away from work and in a country where my money was worth 12% more than theirs.

Now that I’m back, I’m finding it hard to get back into blogging mode. I haven’t checked nearly as many blogs as I normally do and this is my first post since I’ve been back. I did however get another 1,000 words written on my novel putting me at 59,000 words and about 2k in front of Dave, I think.

If you want touristy pictures from a trip, check out Christin, er, Dave’s blog about his trip to DC.