By a Nose

Well, I had to buy a new computer to do it, but I finished the second draft of my new novel last night. I was working away in a white heat of typing at my favorite Starbucks downtown Ann Arbor and I was just about to round the bend into the last 1500 words or so when my computer popped and then gave up the ghost. Various attempts were made to get it back up and running, but I decided is was time to pass the torch to a new machine.

I’d been planning on getting a new laptop anyway, my 6-year-old Compaq qith Windows ME last waaaaaay longer than it had any right to so I got my use out of it. The nice thing is that for less than half of what my last computer costs I’m getting roughly 1,877,564,353,273.08 more features.

So about 8pm I huffed it from AA to Flint so I could use my parents Best Buy card instead of dipping into my emergency savings. Thanks guys!

But the book, she’s a beauty. I’ve very happy with how it turned out. The ending is still rough and needs a bit of work and some scenes leading up to it need polish but over all I don’t envision any sort of major overhaul in the future.

The two best things are that it came out longer than the first draft, which has never happened with anything I’ve ever written, and it took me less time to finish it than I had been thinking. I looked back at my records and saw that I finished the first draft at the end of May which would mean it took me almost three months to rewrite 100 pages or so. But I forgot about the time I took off and the three weeks of planning and outlining I did. I officially began draft two on July 22 with 51,000 of the original 73,949 words in tact. I finished last night with 76,501 words.

Now I don’t want to see or think about that stupid book for at least a month. I’ve got a couple short story projects to work on and maybe some more work on the academic satire noir novel I’ve been fiddling with.