Brothers Forever

Busy day at work today, good night of writing last night. I got 500 words done on the novel and was able to chip off another 150 or so on my new short story. I also switched it to 2nd person present tense. Normally I’m not a fan of gimmicky tenses like that, but it sounds really right for this story so who am I to argue? I still wasn’t happy with the title so I took the dog out for a walk and while I was out I came up with one I like much better. It was orginally called FLARE PRAYER, but I like THE HEMINGWAY STRIPPER much better for a story about a violent, pregnant stripper and her impotent security guard boyfriend.

Stewie (the dog) was funny during our walk. Normally he zips along speedy everywhere but when he came to a patch of ice or snow he would slow waaaaaaay down and waddle his little body across it and then speed rigth back up. His bumble-dunce owner would be advised to pay attention seeing as he’s already went butts up severak times this year on the ice.