Booooooo Hisssssss

Mandatory. Freaking. Overtime.

Because we’re not stressed enough at work with the ungodly call volumes recently, they decided we should all have to come in an hour earlier now. Somehow I suspect this might burn us out even more and affect our customer service skills. Luckily they’ve updated all of our computer systems and service tools so they are running at peak performance allowing us to do our best job. Oh…wait, no they didn’t. I think our entire network is running on a Chevette engine and some of those gravity balls that clank back and forth.

Good news though, I’ve got testing and an interview tommorow morning for a different position, in a different call center, doing office work and not tech work on the phones. That would rule. Better job. Better schedule.

Through it all though, I’ve managed to write. I’m up to 5k on the book and the last chapter I wrote broke the whole thing open for me. It’s in third person (yes I’ve gone to the dark, mixed, side) and it follows a character I’m very interested to know more about. I hope this doesn’t bore or confuse me. Cause that’s very easy to do.