Boo. Hiss. Failure.


I’m so ashamed. There’s really no reason I shouldn’t have been able to post here yesterday. Sure I had to deal with the kids while Becky was at work, and then I had to mow the lawn and get a haircut when she got home. And then at night we had a wine tasting fundraiser. But none of that it really an excuse. Because it’s not like I forgot about this site. As I was mowing and getting my haircut I thought about things I had to say, but never made it to the keyboard.

I hope I haven’t lost all of your trust here. What’s really going to suck is that calendar over on the side there is going to have a glaring absence on the 22 for this month which is going to annoy me to no end. Maybe that will be my penance.

Don’t fear though. I’ve learned my lesson and this probably won’t happen again. And this won’t as today’s post, I’ll have one later on Christians and drinking that should be fun. Unless I get sidetracked looking for ways to backdate this post.

UPDATE: Wow, that was easy to backdate so I don’t have to suffer with that annoying calendar lapse. So I face no punishment at all, at all I say, for failing. Huzzah.