Blog Wild

It truly is an event. Dave White and I were talking one day and, being the ADD case I am, I happened to be reading a news story at the time and mentioned it to Dave. We both went hmmmm. And then we got talking about interesting ideas and things we’d like to try and it came up that we both had interest in seeing how a group of writers responded to the same story idea. So we put together a story starter idea–involving the police pulling you over while you have something in your trunk–and sat back and waited. Everything else about the story was up to them. Dave and I figured maybe two or three people would be interested but the response was overwhelming. Never has my whelm been so overed (That’s for you Donna!). The following blogs will be participating in today’s event:

Dave White Sarah Weinman Gerald So Graham Powell Aldo Calcagno Duane Swierczynski Jen Jordan

Dave Zeltserman John Rickards Ray Banks Pat Lambe Jon Jordan Bob Tinsley

I want to thank each and every author for putting forth incredible effort in this project. While I was expecting throwaway stories, these guys and gals were only capable of turning out their best.

Now, this is an experiment. And in the name of experimentation I’ll admit that I freely discarded all of the base ideas except the trunk, and even that is a loose link at best. I’ve been taking a hypertext writing workshop this semester and haven’t been able to wrap my head around the idea, but something about this project got my e-juices flowing so I ended up writing a hypertext story that mixes traditional prose with hyperlinks and pictures. Most of the examples of hypertext fiction I found on the web bored the piss out of me but this one I like. It’s called Trunk Shot. Enjoy!