Bitter Soap

I’m not bitter, I swear. A little jealous maybe. But what’s new?

The StorySouth Million Writers Award notable stories were announced today and I’m not on the list. This is the second year I’ve submitted stories I thought were worthy and the second year I’ve been passed over. Sure I’m happy for crime friends like Daniel Hatadi, Neil Smith and Scott Wolven among others, but not as happy as I’d be if I was among them. That hasn’t dampened my enthusiasm for the short story I’m working on currently though. I always get a sense of joy and accomplishment with short stories that I never get with novels.

Becky and I feuded last night over laundry. Despite what people might think about men and laundry, I actually enjoy doing laundry. Well, I enjoy doing MY laundry. Women’s clothes frighten me. They take so much more work and thought in the laundry than men’s clothes. It doesn’t help that our washer and dryer are ancient and require more care and planning than a shuttle launch and are in the dankest, nastiest part of the basement.

So I usually get ambitious and start laundry, but it ends up sitting in the washer or the dryer for a while and doesn’t ever quite make it upstairs. This annoys her and she wanted to just do the laundry herself. But a pregnant woman shouldn’t be going up and down stairs carrying heavy baskets so I did it anyway. Well, I got it started. She still brought it up when it was done because I forgot.

I can’t wait for our new house. We’ll have a brand new washer and dryer on the first floor right next to our bedroom. I’ll be better about laundry I’m sure. Really.