Beer, Sausage, Cheese, And Writers

I’m in Milwaukee/Muskego this weekend for Murder and Mayhem which has turned into my most favorite small conference. Things worked out nicely that I was able to get a room at the famed Iron Horse Hotel which is gorgeous, but I still miss crashing on a couch at the Jordan’s house. I had a great dinner last night with Frank Wheeler and his wife about all of the things you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company like religion, politics, and how much we hate certain writers. It was great. I also spent a ridiculous amount of time at the Lego store in town which was a squee and a half.

Something that I’ll probably address in a post of it’s own later though caught my eye. I was looking at the latest edition of Best American Mystery Stories and was shocked to see that not a single online story made it into the collection and there weren’t even any in the notable stories. That kind of depressed me and made me wonder, once again, if the crop of new zine editors and writers are interested in exposing their work to the broader crime field of if they’re happy to keep it amongst themselves. But as I said, that’s for a later post. For now, here, have a picture of the view from my hotel room.