Batman V Superman Thoughts

Spenser and I went to see it yesterday in IMAX 3D and I thought briefly about writing a full review of it like I did with Man of Steel, but frankly I’m exhausted by all of the hate for this movie so I’m just going to post my brief thoughts.

On a related note, I am becoming a huge fan of IMAX 3D for movies like this. It started when Becky and I saw Jurassic World that way because it was the only showing that fit our schedule. And then Spenser and I saw The Force Awakens that way and my love was sealed. So Batman V Superman:

-I really enjoyed it
-Superman was the worst part of the movie
-Clark Kent was the second worst part
-Wonder Woman was awesome and it’s stupid she hasn’t ever had her own movie
-It was stupid they had her dressed like a Viking stripper
-Ben Affleck is now my favorite Batman ever.
-The movie is about 1/2 hour too long
-Seriously, Superman, ugh.