Barnes and Noble and Me

First, let me say how much I love indie bookstores. So far I’ve had incredible support from my local indie Aunt Agatha’s as well as Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale and Murder by the Book in Houston that gave me spots on their event schedules, but I’m also looking for an audience outside of just the core mystery audience and that means sales from big chain bookstores like Barnes and Noble.

When Murder Boy first came out in March, I went around to the local Barnes and Noble stores to ask them to carry the book and was met with mixed to disappointing results. Aside from the Flint store where I had my book launch, no other store carried any copies, including the two closest to my house. That was disappointing. But the thanks to the unceasing effort of Jason and the sales reps at The distributor, over the last week or so, it’s start showing up on the New Mystery shelf at all of the Michigan stores which is just cool. That picture above was taken at the store down the road from me in Northville but I’ve been in the Ann Arbor and Brighton stores as well where I was received graciously when I asked to sign their copies.

As disappointed as I was in the beginning when the book wasn’t showing up, this gives it new life after the initial wave of publicity was starting to wear out. So all that crap writers spout about patience being vital in this business really, really is true.