Balls and Leather

So how did I celebrate my grand accomplishment in a field I think I’m pretty good? I went out and got creamed in a field I’m awful in.

My dad and I play on a church softball league and while I’m not as inept at softball as I am at, say, baseball, or basketball (see two previous years at Bouchercon), I would never be mistaken for average. Our team was mercied in the first game 10-0 and 12-1 in the second game. I hit the ball all three times I went to bat and once I even got to second base–which is more than I can say for my dating life lately.

Needless to say, I think it’s time for me to get back to what I’m good at, but since Stephen Sondheim is apparently too big for just one groupie, I’ll have to start writing again. First off I will make the corrections commanded by The Great and Powerful Russell for my story MR. SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL which he has kindly deemed to publish in an upcoming issue of CRIME SCENE SCOTLAND. After that I’m going to start a new book. A short, fast, funny, noir book:

Wonderboys meets The Wheelman.

You’re drooling now in anticipation, aren’t you?