Ball Handling

Our dog is off getting his little balls removed today. Hopefully this, and some other changes we’ve made, will make it easier for all in the house to get along. I’ll be picking him up after work and keeping him company tonight while he rovers. As much as a love my little dog, I’m sad I have to miss a showing of the documentary MURDER CITY: 100 YEARS OF CRIME IN DETROIT at the Michigan Theater. I’m sure it will be released on DVD at some point though. They always are.

You’ll notice I’ve added a new section over on the side for my appearances. I’ll be popping up a couple of places over the next few months signing copies of the PRISONER OF MEMORY and HARDCORE HARDBOILED anthologies that feature my short stories. Right now there are two appearances scheduled. The first is in September at the Kerrytown Book Festival. I’m very excited about this one because I’ve been going to this festival since before I moved to Ann Arbor and it’s cool to come full circle and be an invited person instead of a fan. Also appearing at the festival will be two of my old professors from University of Michigan – Flint so it will be cool to show them how far I’ve come.

And then the next appearance will be at Bouchercon in Baltimore. Again, this is something I started attending mostly as a fan, and now I’ll have books to sign and maybe even a panel to speak on. All in just four years. Maybe the next one I’ll attend will be with a book deal.