Bag Man



You might recall I had some problems with my Coach bag when I took it to New York City the last time and one of the buckles kept coming unsnapped. I went to the Coach store in NYC and they sneered at the bag because it was a outlet store bag and they told me I needed to take it to a Coach Factory store to resolve the issue.

Seeing as I’ll be headed back to NYC next week for Edgar Week, I went to the factory store by us to see what they could do. I’m happy to report the guy there was awesome. He said they don’t make the bag I had anymore so I could either send the bag out to Florida to be repaired which would take six weeks or they could exchange it for a different bag. I couldn’t wait six weeks so I looked at an exchange and this is the bag I selected.

I had the luxury of having lived with my other bag for more than three months and knew where it had problems so I could address those in my replacement. As much as I like the look of the flaps, they turned out to be incredibly awkward and flawed in practice, especially for travel. So I went with this zipper version that has a separate area for my laptop. I love it. I also went with brown this time instead of black because the black they were selling either had that goofy looking Coach C all over it or was this weird leather/plastic hybrid that is supposed to be durable was is ugly as all hell. Also, I think the brown matches the publishing industry better than the black. It seems more classic to me.