Attack of the Amazons

For a book nerd, I’m rather ashamed to admit I never ordered anything through Amazon.com until last week. It’s probably because I’m such a book nerd that it’s taken me this long. For me, buying a book is about the experience almost as much as the book. I like to go to the bookstore and browse around and hold the book and run my hands over the cover and read the back and the opening few pages. And then buy the book and take it home and start reading it right away.

But last week I received an Amazon gift certificate from work for hitting some stat goals so I decided it was time to drop the hammer on my first Amazon experience. I also happened into ordering at a perfect opportunity because I was able to sign up for free two day shipping. So I ordered the books last week on Friday and the box was on my porch waiting for me when I got home from work last night. I could get used to this.

The books I ordered were Harry Hunsicker’s second novel NEXT TIME YOU DIE, and Peter Speigelman’s first book BLACK MAPS. I liked Harry’s first book so I was wanting to read the second one, but so many other books seemed to take priority and I guess I had to be spending someone else’s money for me to finally get around to buying it, but it’s next on the reading list after SJ Rozan’s new one IN THIS RAIN (In which a new CBS reporter has a name that starts with a Q and ends with Uertermous that the mayor constantly has trouble pronouncing).

BLACK MAPS was a tougher sell. I like PI novels of almost all sorts, but the financial aspect of this one seemed to bore me and it starts of with some pretty dense prose. But it got a lot of attention and won the Shamus award so I figured I’d finally give it a chance, again, with someone else’s money.

What books would you buy right now if you didn’t have to spend your own money?