Are We There Yet?

Spenser actually asked this question several times, but it wasn’t really all that annoying. In fact. aside from a few screaming issues the driving portion of this trip was pleasant. We made good time and didn’t run into any trouble. In fact, I forgot how much I enjoy driving by car.

Several years ago I drove everywhere and a lot. I drove to any city I could within reason and loved it. I love the sub-culture of road tripping with back roads and truck stops and gas station restroom breaks. But then my time to myself began getting smaller and my bank account began getting larger until I found myself flying most places instead of driving. This culminated in the decision this year to fly to St. Louis for Bouchercon instead of driving. I still kind of regret not making that drive, but convenience-wise the flight did work out better.

But now that the kids are older and more obnoxious travelers we’re going to be driving more places and that’s fine by me. Packing for a trip when you’re driving is much better for packing for a flight because you really can kind of pack for any scenario and not worry about space. We have a nice full-size car with an enormous trunk that can accommodate all of our luggage and several random hobos we may “accidentally” hit along the way. This was particularly handy as Holly is potty training and we weren’t sure how the trip would affect her progress. We were able to pack for a number of situations. Driving also allows for trips to Meijer and Walmart for anything we forget or for needs that arise without having to pay the ridiculous fees for downtown merchants.

As far as the kids behavior, the behave better in the car because they have more room to move around and more space for toys. Also, when the tantrums do manifest themselves, I can just ignore it and tune them out until it passes without worrying about what the other passengers may think of me or them.

I’ll have a longer post, I’m sure, later on how the whole hotel experience went (hint: not as well as the car experience) but in summary, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive to Cincinnati and look forward to more road trip with the family in the future…as well as we sleep in the car instead of a hotel.