April Showers Bring May Godawful Freezing Wind and Rain Mix Which is Total BS

Another day, another race.

Becky ran a half marathon yesterday and she got up at an unholy hour and I slept and at some point felt a little bad that I didn’t take the kids to cheer her on. Today she was running a 5k to support something or other related to our kids’ school and Spenser and Holly stayed the night at my in-laws so I figured I could take Natalie out easier than all three of them. What I gained by sleeping in an extra hour I lost in much, much worse weather. But at least Natalie and I could go warm up in the car during the hard part of the race where Becky was, you know, running. Ew.

There’s a lot of talk in the mystery community about finding our tribe and Becky has found hers in the running community. There’s some weird factions we try to avoid, but for the most part it’s been good for her. Also, her involvement with Girl Scouts has been good for her and for Holly.

Anyway, Happy May. Pretty soon it will be all me all the time as we roll out the promo for Riot Load, so I should get in as much stuff about my family while I have the chance.

Enthusiastically supporting mommy while she runs.