Another Day, Another Post Filled With Other People Talking About Me

I just got an email from the big daily in town where I grew up asking for an interview so that was cool. But let’s get down to talk about the other places I or Murder Boy are appearing today.

First, there’s  a great review of Murder Boy over at the BOLO Books website:

“Quertermous has created a work which exists simultaneously as both a classic example of the noir thriller and as a unique dark comedic attack against the hypocrisy of academia. This would be no easy feat for a veteran author, but still Bryon Quertermous manages to makes it seem like a leisurely stroll down a dimly lit corridor.”

And then we have an interview I did with My Bookish Ways.

Enjoy them all and remember, this is all an attempt to sell lots of copies of Murder Boy so my kids can go to college. I Barnes & Noble I Kobo I iBooks I IndieBound