And on Day 31 He Rested

So I’ve done the 30 Days of New Content Challenge or whatever I called it with I think a solid record of success and now I’m taking the rest of the week off to figure out how to proceed. This “vacation” was very enjoyable but it was exhausting mentally and physically (and I didn’t even run a damn marathon) and I need to recharge.

When I come back Monday I’ll have some cool new posts and some interviews lined up and we’ll be back on track. I think I’ll probably end up taking Saturdays off because that seemed to be the day I had the hardest time getting posts up. Sundays I’ll probably write about church or family stuff and then the rest of the week will be a free for all. I’ve really enjoyed this forced deadline of posting every day and you’ll notice I’ve added a Post A Day tag over there from WordPress. Even though I’ll be taking most Saturday’s off I still aim to provide a regular slate of content here and hopefully build my audience and bring over more friends and family from Facebook.

Until I return, enjoy this clip of Eric Cartman sing Come Sail Away