And Here With the Weekend Update…

I’ve been itching to get to the blog this week and I got one big post about my new job that didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted and left me wanting to post again about something else. No one topic has emerged as a front runner because I’ve been obsessed with hearing back about an opportunity I’m exploring that I can’t blog about yet. So I figured I’d go to a favorite standby, the random mish-mash post.

First I have to acknowledge the Detroit Tigers’ return trip to the World Series. Yes I am a baseball fan and it’s exciting for that reason, but its most exciting to reflect on the last time the Tigers were in the World Series was in 2006 when Becky and I were first dating. I have some very special memories from that time that t’s fun to remember six years later with hindsight.

Also, there’s been a few messages at church that have been tickling my mind. Last night’s was a small group message that pointed out several flaws in my parenting mostly as a result of laziness. There was also the semi-regular message on the parable of the talents that always gets me thinking. I’ve long stopped feeling guilty about not using my talents in Christian publishing but it was a reminder that since I’ve trimmed my Twitter and Facebook friends lists substantially, there’s not as big of an audience for my occasional religious discussions.

I’m not at all a fan of the sort of aggressive bible thumping popular among many evangelical groups, but I do think it’s important to not hide my faith and let people know what I believe. So here, on the blog which gets a wider readership than my social media streams, is my statement of faith: I don’t expect everyone to share this faith with me but if  anyone ever has questions (please don’t let the fringe players speak for all of us) feel free to email me.

Finally, I came back from Bouchercon with the goal of finishing this final draft of Murder Boy by the end of October and haven’t done much to push toward that goal. We’ve got 12 days left and I have around 10,000 words left to write so it’s certainly manageable if I get my aforementioned laziness in check. I want it done by the end of the month because in November I’m going to attempt something I’ve never done before: National Novel Writing Month. More to come on that later.

P.S. Did I mention I’m back on Google Docs after a brief meltdown? For the way I write these days it’s by far the best product available and that become quite obvious after a day without using it.