An Update On What Was Wrong With Me

You’ll recall that just over a month ago I was at the urgent care clinic and had finally reached max tolerance of whatever virus or flu or curse had been inhabiting my body for nearly seven months. I am happy to report that the very next day I started feeling much better and have gone now six weeks feeling great. Here’s what happened:

First, the doctor at the urgent care clinic heard my sad story, looked inside my head holes and then jabbed me with a giant needle full of what he called an “antibiotic booster.” I had never heard of that before and had never been poked with a needle that big, but I had felt so awful for so long at that point I was ready to try anything. And wouldn’t you know that within an hour of getting that shot I started feeling much, much better. In addition to the Giant Shot of Healing, I had also just started a daily regiment of allergy pills and nasal allergy spray that was starting to show results as well.

I can’t tell you how much better I feel. I’m just now starting to get caught up on all of the side jobs I had fallen massively behind on due to the inability to maintain any sort of productive energy level for longer than an hour or so at a time and that feels great. Getting paid for that work makes Becky feel great. And we’ve been feeling great together quite a bit more as well.

Now the only time I feel groggy or crappy is when Natalie is up all night crying with teething pain like she was for the past few nights. But man, it feels good to be breathing free and clear and not passing out every few minutes from exhaustion.

And how are you all feeling today?