An Update On My Stolen Phone

The Westland Police Department did something no one, including myself, thought they could do. They found my stolen phone AND got the galute who stole it to admit to it. Here’s how it went down:

It was the sketchy bus boy from the restaurant. The detectives chased him all around because he quit his job and got kicked out of his house, but they eventually found him and got him to admit that he sold it to a guy at the liquor store down the road for $40. The detectives went to that store and miraculously the phone was still there (likely due to the message on the screen that said “I know where you are please return this phone to the restaurant it was stolen from.”) and in good shape.

What sucks is I already paid $243 to close out my payment contract on that phone and I paid another good chunk of money to get into another contract on another phone that I’m two weeks past the return date for so I’m stuck with it. But I was able to sell the phone back to AT&T for a decent amount in billing credit and because the bus boy was cited for larceny, we have proof to go back to the restaurant’s insurance company with so hopefully they will reimburse us the $500 or so we’re still out. But all-in-all this is the best possible outcome we could have hoped for short of it never having happened.